2014 (c) Jessica Creager

You may provide your own source photos, or if you are in the area, the I may be able to shoot working photos by arrangement. Below is an example of the pricing, depending on size and medium. These prices are illustrative and custom sizes are available, just ask after the pricing in your inquiry through the contact form.

Usually 1/3 is paid as a deposit, the second 1/3 paid upon approval of progress, and the last 1/3 paid upon delivery.

I work from photos, analog or digital. If you have a pose you like and a least one other picture with some of the finer details or traits showing, I would probably have enough to work with. It also helps if you can identify what details you like in each picture. Otherwise, arrangements can be discussed to meet up with the pet and take study photos of my own to paint from.
Petraits by Jessica